Top Free Directory Submission Sites 2024

You've launched your startup, founded your SaaS, or started your small business. Fantastic! The hard part is over, right? Not exactly — you now have the never-ending mammoth task of search engine optimization (SEO).

But it doesn't have to be as unforgiving as it seems. You can end (or at least minimize) your woes by submitting your business to free directories. And with us at Submit Juice onside, submitting to the right directories is a breeze — we do it all for you! Simply sit back and wait for your search rankings to rise.

Learn everything you need to know about the web's top free directory submission sites right here. We've included our favorite 11 to get you started, but with us, there are plenty more where they came from.

What Are Free Directory Submission Sites?

Directory submission sites are online platforms that serve as a virtual storehouse of categorized information, resources, and links from countless industries and niches. These indexes categorize websites and their details based on their purpose, content, and relevance, letting business owners and founders (that's you!) submit URLs, accompanying descriptions, and relevant keywords into fixed categories/subcategories.

While the main purpose of said sites is to offer web surfers a curated list of domains to make it easier for them to uncover the information, products, or services they're searching for, they also help you establish authority, build backlinks from reputable sources, and improve your SERP rankings through off-page SEO.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Free Directory Submission Sites

As far as link-building goes, no technique is quite as effective as submitting your website to relevant directories. But that isn't the only reason to take advantage of free directory submission sites. Here's all the goodness you should expect:

  • Boosted visibility — Submitting your website to relevant directories increases its online visibility, helping you reach a wider audience.
  • Improved SEO — Search engine optimization is a multi-faceted endeavor, but directory submissions are one way to enhance your SEO efforts. High-quality directory backlinks positively impact your website's search engine rankings.
  • Niche targeting — Most directories specialize in certain niches, allowing you to reach a super-targeted audience interested in your products or services.
  • Targeted traffic — Naturally, directories attract users searching for specific information. Provided your website appears in a relevant category, you'll benefit from traffic that is more likely to convert.
  • Networking opportunities — Depending on the directory, you may benefit from networking and collaboration opportunities within your industry.
  • Enhanced authority and credibility — Appearing on reputable directories boosts your website's authority and credibility within your niche or industry.
  • Earn media attention — Being listed on high-quality directories gives your business a chance to get noticed by journalists, gaining valuable press coverage.

11 Top Free Directory Submission Sites

With the what's and the why's taken care of, you're ready to dive into the 11 best free directory submission sites.

  1. ProductHuntBoasting a domain authority (DA) rating of 91, this free global community is packed to the brim with people who solve issues with technology. Your tech startup will be right at home here. And if it appeals to the masses, you're bound to gain some up votes!
  2. G2 As its tagline proclaims, G2 is "where you go for software." This directory holds software and related service providers and even features the world's first AI assistant for purchasing software. Its DA is a staggering 77, too.
  3. Indie Hackers If you're building a virtual project that can generate revenue, the Indie Hackers community is the place for you. Your URL will be welcomed alongside other products in the online space.
  4. Killerstartups — Its name says it all: Killerstartups is filled with exactly that, killer startups! Whether you're in the FashionTech, data, IoT, or quantum computing niche, your fledgling company is perfect for this directory.
  5. GrowthHackers — The GrowthHackers community is the perfect way to connect with professionals facing similar growth challenges. Everybody from founders to marketers to heads of growth to innovators have a place here.
  6. Capterra Are you a B2B business? Don't miss out on Capterra. They're the go-to directory for companies looking for software and services that will help them grow.
  7. F6S Network Limited — By submitting your URL to the F6S Network Limited directory, you can connect with other founders, find talent, and even get expedited investment interest.
  8. 10 Words — Here, users aim to find new apps and startups in 10 words or less. Your business will reach thousands of tech enthusiasts, giving you the greatest chance of success.
  9. r/Entrepreneur — This subreddit contains a community of individuals who wish to network professionally, collaborate, and solve problems. Listing your business gives you instant access to a group ready to propel your company forward.
  10. Powered by AI — If you've created an AI tool or prompt, make sure to register your product on this directory. People interested in your niche will soon find you.
  11. Micro Launch — This directory holds world-class products and startups, featuring a "Product of the Day" every 24 hours. Submitting your business gives you a chance to be reached alongside the likes of SAAS-UI and DealDrop.

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