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Dofollow links
Most of the sites we'll submit your startup to have a  'dofollow' policy, which can help boost your website's search engine rankings and visibility by increasing your domain's authority.
We can boost your site's backlink profile with both dofollow and nofollow links, which will improve your domain authority, search rankings, and referral traffic.
Boost my site's DA
Nofollow links
While we don't submit your site to many directories with a 'nofollow' policy, these links can still be valuable as they help drive relevant traffic to your website.

Where we can feature your startup

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Plus many more!

How It Works

1. Submit your startup: Submitting your startup is simple. Purchase a package, then complete our Airtable form. This will only takes a few minutes.
2. Match with the best startup websites and directories: We’ll generate a custom list of the most relevant websites to submit you to. This includes media outlets, subreddits, startup directories and more.
3. Launch your campaign: We’ll start manually posting and submitting your startup once you’ve confirmed your pitch. This process takes 5-7 days to complete.
4. Track submissions: Once complete, we’ll send you a report -- complete with a link to your personal Airtable (and a screen recording if applicable) where you can track submissions and even start adding your own.

Get Featured In:

Plus many more!

We'll design custom launch graphics for your startup!

We design professional-looking, attention-grabbing, graphics that set your brand apart from the rest!
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Build Domain Authority 🏆

We built Subscribr's domain authority (DA) from 0.1 to 42!

Domain authority is considered by many SEO experts to be the #1 factor for ranking on Google.

Weekly cost overview

Our SEO tactics have helped startups increase revenue
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We list your site for you
Everything in Premium PLUS:
Submission To A Curated List Of 50 Directories And Websites
Access To Our Custom Airtable With Submission Tracking
Submission Report
Links To Live Listings
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*Purchasing this product means that you agree to the Terms of Service
We list your site for you
Everything in free PLUS:
Submission To A Curated List Of 20 Directories And Websites
Access To Our Custom Airtable With Submission Tracking
Submission Report
Links To Live Listings
Priority Order
🎁 Bonus: Database Of 150+ Growth Strategies Worth $129
*Purchasing this product means that you agree to the Terms of Service
Everything in free:
Access To Our Free List Of 152+ Directories
Perfect For DIY
Access To Our Custom Airtable With Submission Tracking
Submission Report
Done For You Service
🎁 Bonus: Database Of 150+ Growth Strategies Worth $129

Premium Add-ons

SEO Bundle

Boost your SEO presence by building valuable backlinks
🔗Includes Submit Juice's Manual Submission To Over Two-Dozen Directories From's SEO Kickstarter
*Purchase the SEO Bundle during onboarding

Graphics Bundle

Grab more attention for your launch and thereafter with custom-made launch graphics


*Purchase the Graphics Bundle during onboarding
“We were able to get a published, working version of the entire website live in less than two weeks. And we didn’t have to compromise on our original designs.”
280% increase in organic traffic

Additional SEO Help

Done for you SEO

We make SEO a real source of revenue for your startup

Productized SEO Items

🔗 Get more SEO Backlinks

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FAQs 🤓

*Do you submit to Product Hunt?

Submitting to product hunt is both optional and free.

Do you guarantee coverage?

In short: No. While we can guarantee that we will do our best to get you the most amount of attention as possible, we can't guarantee that you will get picked up by journalists or go viral. It's also important to note that not all startup directories will feature your startup as each have their own set of criteria for managing submissions.

How do you choose which websites to submit to?

We create a custom list for each product, and share the list with you for approval prior to the submission process.

Do you use bots to submit?

No. All submissions are done manually by our team based in the US. We DO NOT use bots as this can be counterproductive.

Who is this for?

Submit Juice's service particularly helps those in the software space. If you own a SaaS, iPaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, or no-code tool, (etc), then our service is right for you. We've recently added support for location-based businesses as well, businesses such as: gyms, agencies, restaurants, etc...

Would this harm my SEO efforts?

No. Quite the contrary - we stagger all submissions over a week long period to prevent any issues.

How do I add a site to your list?

Send us an email and if the site has a good DA score then it's likely to be added. 😄

What DA can I expect to get from this?

The Premium option, when coupled with our other SEO recommendations, helps boost your site to a domain authority range of around 20-40+. You can check your current DA here: AHrefs Website Authority Checker

How much time does this take?

We submit over a week long period. Listing time varies - while some directories will list you instantly, for others it takes 1-4 weeks to feature your startup.

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